Rachel Roberts is a civil rights attorney, an activist, and a writer. Rachel was most recently an attorney for CAIR-California, where she provided legal and civil rights advocacy services to Muslim victims of discrimination. In law school, she was the co-editor in chief of the Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law. She also participated in the UCLA/Public Counsel Immigration Clinic, in which she assisted a client in obtaining asylum. Despite assertions to the contrary, Rachel loves being Jewish and writes about it, a lot. She holds degrees from Oberlin College, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the UCLA School of Law.

**Opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization with which I am affiliated, now or in the past. I do not provide legal advice through this page.**

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  1. Rachel – I just read your most recent opinion piece in The Forward. Your ideas and writing style brought me here to your website where I spent some time reading your post election thoughts. I applaud your thoughts on being Jewish in The Toddler Elect’s America, and on being on the fringe of mainstream Jewish thought regarding Israel and Palestinians. It is never easy being a voice from the wilderness, often opposed and shouted down by the loudest, most staid, and sometimes most “cherished” voices of “the community.” It is especially distressing and sad when one feels that their pleadings and point of view are based in the most time honored teachings of our tradition. Thank you for being a clear, passionate, well-reasoned voice of justice and compassion from exile. Frank Levy, A 70 year old, fellow voice from exile.

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